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Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd. offers high-quality parts made of titanium and many other rare metals. While having enormous production capacities and technological resources, we are capable of processing, stamping, and surface treatment. Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd. has been showing the way to follow to all titanium nuts and bolts suppliers from the very first day of entering a market. We are professionally recognized by a myriad of state and commercial organizations that have already become our loyal customers. Putting a premium on the compliance with the most exacting standards in our industry allows us to serve domestic as well as foreign markets.

In the pursuit of the highest quality of titanium bolts and nuts, our production facility is equipped with the latest CNC machines. With the aim to keep control over every manufacturing stage, we have also developed a special operating system. It is our way to produce goods that meet the requirements of all our customers. Thus, you can buy titanium bolts, screws, flanges, fasteners, and other parts which are proven to be durable.

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It’s Time to Unlock the Potential of Titanium

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Owing to its properties and characteristics, titanium significantly contributes to the service life of cars and bicycles. Racing nuts and bolts made of this metal are the most preferred choice of world-known manufacturers due to:

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Light weight.

Being lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum ones, titanium bicycle bolts are perfect for weight reducing purposes. An excellent strength-to-weight ratio makes your bike more maneuverable and faster. It is especially beneficial for sports models which have a different construction. Unlike steel spares, titanium ones allow you to keep aerodynamic properties at the required level and leave other racers in the dust.

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Increased strength.

When it comes to racing bicycles, the durability of their parts is of primary importance. All goods made of titanium are known for being highly durable and damage-resistant. That is why they are used to upgrade sports bikes while adding to their strength even under extreme weather conditions. Also, it is up to you to reduce risks of breakdowns and cut down repair expenses by increasing the service life of your vehicle with the help of titanium parts.

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Exceptional corrosion resistance.

Our titanium bike bolts and other parts boast their protective layers that do not allow any chemical agent or water to penetrate into the structure.

Being among the leading titanium bolt suppliers, Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd. realizes the importance of using the best alloys and commercially pure grades. To provide our customers with varied usability, we deal with scores of grades, including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 23. Since we offer an extensive variety of fasteners in different shapes and sizes, it is recommended to check all specifications thoroughly before choosing the part you need.

Main Industries We Serve

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itanium is a universal superlight metal that is common in many industries. Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd. opens the doors to its range of products for every state and commercial institution. Whether it is for a petroleum, aerospace, marine engineering, pharmaceutical or bicycle industry, you will easily find necessary titanium screws and bolts in our catalog. Our products have already been proven to be practical in these areas as well as many others.

Due to their weight and flexibility, titanium parts are widely applied in the petroleum and engineering industries. If you are committed to producing pipes, water management systems, or other deep-water units, this metal is an ideal choice. In addition to withstanding heavy loads, titanium cannot be affected by salt water. That is why it is common for making various extraction equipment, propeller shafts, valves, and fittings.

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Titanium is also known for its substantial resistance to high temperatures, and that turns it into the most preferred metal in aerospace applications. With the advent of jet engines, its role has become even more crucial. For those who are engaged in this industry, it is of key importance to ensure the safety of their products. Titanium, in its turn, keeps the whole range of its properties regardless of the temperature conditions. What is more, the metal is used in airframes, engines, and casings to improve the fuel consumption of an aircraft.

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as a titanium screw manufacturer that holds leading positions on the market, Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd. works closely together with many healthcare facilities. Our cooperation speaks for the quality of parts we produce for medical applications. With its non-toxic, non-ferromagnetic, and corrosion-resistant properties in mind, titanium is a medical and dental choice for implants. When applied for this purpose, its role cannot be overstated. On the one hand, this metal can successfully withstand all bodily fluids and last for many years with no loss in quality. On the other hand, a person with an implant can still be examined by magnetic resonance imaging because titanium is not ferromagnetic.

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It is hardly possible to imagine the automotive industry without the use of racing lug bolts made of titanium. While improving the durability and weight distribution of a vehicle, the metal brings overwhelming advantages for the performance of bikes and cars. From connecting rods to camshafts, rocker arms, springs, and valves – titanium parts are the most popular when designing a powerful vehicle. Although they are more expensive than steel or aluminum ones, these spares pay for themselves in the long run. With the aim to increase longevity and reduce weight, titanium exhaust systems have also been created and added to our product range.


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