Titanium 12 Point flange nut

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Titanium 12 Point flange nut


High-strength 12-point flange nuts

A flange nut is a type of a threaded fastener that has a wide flange at one of the ends. It serves as an integrated washer, distributing the pressure, and reducing the risk of damage and loosening. The flange is fixed and turns together with the nut. Our 12pt flange nuts are made of high-quality titanium alloy. The material is strong but lightweight. Titanium weighs two times less than steel, but it is twice stronger than aluminium. Therefore, by using 12-point flange nuts, you can reduce the weight of the construction without compromising the strength and reliability of the fastening. This is especially important in high-performance applications. Every 12pt flange nut comes with a 1-year guarantee. Please note that our online store offers a great discount for wholesale buyers. To place an order, click the “Request” button above, and one of our customer managers will contact you in the shortest time to provide you with a quote.