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Split Rim Bolts/M7 Titanium Bolts


Description of M7 titanium split rim bolts

M7 titanium bolts are made of the top-grade material to be resistant to corrosion and lighter than stainless steel ones. Their size is 20-30mm, which makes them suitable for a range of applications, including split rim wheel refurbishment. The torque specs of M7 titanium rim bolts allow you to apply them to the majority of BBS wheel models available today.

 Make sure that split rim bolts are adequately tightened to avoid loosening of fasteners and related failures. It is also recommended to use quality nuts and wheel sealants for refurbishment purposes so that studs remain durable under the heavy applications. If you don’t know how to bolt all the parts in place securely, it would be better to get this done by skilled specialists.

M7 split rim studs/bolts come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that stands for the impeccable quality of these parts. Besides, one may also qualify for a special discount when buying in bulk. It’s up to you to choose the number of pieces in a wholesale order.